Today's Special

Pears Hélène
Episode 7 • Published Mar 15, 2018

So many pears, so little time! Actually, 3,000 is quite a lot of pear varieties so even if you ate one per day that’d still be at least a few years.

Episode 6 • Published Mar 14, 2018


Chicken Noodle Soup
Episode 5 • Published Mar 13, 2018

When your intestines are like noodles and Eric, the scientist, won’t stop eating soup.

Baked Scallops
Episode 4 • Published Mar 12, 2018

Take those scallops straight out of the oven and put them in your mouth!

Banana Cream Pie
Episode 3 • Published Mar 02, 2018

Bananas, or more properly “naners”, are a vital component in Today’s Special!

Peanut Butter Lovers
Episode 2 • Published Mar 01, 2018

Whether you like it crunchy, chunky, crispy, smooth, or soupy, we’re here to celebrate everyone’s favorite legume butter!

Today's Special is Here!
Episode 1 • Published Mar 01, 2018

Kyle and Kenny are the hosts of The Goodstuff Morning Show on and have been celebrating food days for nearly 4 years! Join them weekdays as they celebrate a different food each day.