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S01:E11 "Maybe They're Just Poor"
Episode 11 • Published Jun 17, 2019

Behold! The great squaring is upon us! Repent and cease your worship of The Consumerist Mindset and learn to live, laugh, and love.

S01:E10 "Wooloo Coin"
Episode 10 • Published Jun 10, 2019

This world is traumatizing, including coins (of which Q is a part). Good thing there’s Wooloo.

S01:E09 "Big Dog and The Strivers"
Episode 9 • Published Jun 03, 2019

Sorry if it offends you, but BIG DOGS don’t get jealous of others’ success!

S01:E08 "Butt Stevens"
Episode 8 • Published May 20, 2019

Boy, Chet Beefums sure has lots of opinions about Kids These Days.

S01:E07 "Sci-Fi Fraternity"
Episode 7 • Published May 13, 2019

Before leaving social media for real, please #GiveAaronTheVaderMask

S01:E06 "This Book is Good"
Episode 6 • Published May 06, 2019

Pals, we talk about an essential tool for interpreting the world, and also wonder how much groveling is the right amount of groveling.

S01:E05 "...for who?"
Episode 5 • Published Apr 29, 2019

Tactical framing is making us stupider, even if some of us are Masters of Science.

S01:E04 "SWEAT Pledge"
Episode 4 • Published Apr 22, 2019

Look—just because we drink fizzy water doesn’t mean our work isn’t valuable and shouldn’t provide a decent living.

S01:E03 "Tech Bro President"
Episode 3 • Published Apr 15, 2019

I mean, we talk about salad and IKEA— but mostly this is about Mayor Pete.

S01:E02 "Lying Is The Point"
Episode 2 • Published Apr 08, 2019

You’re not crazy— the world is truly “having a moment”. In this episode we suss out how to avoid the pitfalls of workism, Russia delirium (three kinds), & conferences of conservative political action varietals.

S01:E01 "Jackbooted Tots"
Episode 1 • Published Apr 02, 2019

We really explore the space— shop for sofas and learn about kitchen gadgets, then discuss how the finance world and hegemonic leaders are gonna’ get away with letting the earth burn because, “woah, turns out the unedited version of this video changes everything!”