Clockworks - A Legion Podcast

Chapter 7: The Monster Appears
Episode 8 • Published Apr 25, 2017

In the seventh episode of Legion, everything is completely bonkers, and we get more answers. David meets his rational mind and draws some pictures on a chalkboard, Lenny is a silent movie star, and we say goodbye to Walter.

Chapter 6: It’s A New Day
Episode 7 • Published Apr 19, 2017

In the sixth episode of Legion, we’re back in a mental hospital, Lenny tips her hand to David and expresses herself through dance.

Chapter 5: What’s On The Other Side?
Episode 6 • Published Apr 11, 2017

David is acting completely out of character in the fifth episode of Legion. He visits Division 3, and we come full circle, back to where it all began.

Chapter 4: The Undiscovered
Episode 5 • Published Apr 04, 2017

In the fourth episode of Legion, Syd searches for the truth while David convalesces on the Astral Plane, and motherflippin’ Jemaine Clement is on our tv screens!

Chapter 3: Shall We Begin?
Episode 4 • Published Mar 28, 2017

In the third episode of Legion, Division 3 begins interrogating Amy, Melanie wants unfiltered access to David’s mind, and what DID the stars say?

Chapter 2: Road to Nowhere
Episode 3 • Published Mar 21, 2017

In the second episode of Legion David does some memory work. He knows where he’s going, but he doesn’t know where he’s been.

Chapter 1: Happy Jack
Episode 2 • Published Mar 15, 2017

In the first episode of Legion David Haller has trouble knowing what is real, and so do we.

Welcome to Clockworks
Episode 1 • Published Mar 13, 2017

In this episode of Clockworks, Paul and Jan introduce themselves, why they love Legion, and what to expect from this podcast.