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Apple TV Gaming, No PS5 or Xbox X, Apple Watch 6, and Catan vs Pandemic
Episode 22 • Published Sep 18, 2020

We’re talking Apple’s event as it relate to video games, the Apple Watch, whether we’re ordering a Playstation or Xbox, and playing board games in the time of a Pandemic.

Tony Hawk, Apple Events, and Nobody Knows Scott Pilgrim
Episode 21 • Published Sep 11, 2020

Chris skates up a storm, Nicolas dreams of Star Trek in VR, and we preview what might be coming from next week’s Apple event.

Creak, Last Campfire, Micro-SD Cards, and LAN Parties
Episode 20 • Published Sep 04, 2020

If we’re waiting until 2021 for an Apple TV, should Chris build a gaming PC? We talk Nintendo Direct, Tabletop Simulator, Creak, Last Campfire, and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 & 2 is out.

A Tale of Crows Going Camping to Play Fortnite
Episode 19 • Published Aug 28, 2020

We catch up after a few weeks away to talk camping, Paper Mario, Beyond a Steel Sky, Decoherence, GoT Tale of Crows, Fortnite and Marvel vs Apple, and what’s to come.

The Animal Crossing Line Has Been Crossed - We Are On the Island Now
Episode 18 • Published Jul 10, 2020

Bad graphs, cancelled trips, screen time getting enabled, and Apple Arcade contracts getting cancelled. The good news is we talk about Animal Crossing?

Itch.io Bundle, Just Dance, Animal Crossing, and Still No New Apple TV Hardware
Episode 17 • Published Jun 25, 2020

We talk about the games offered in the Itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, Just Dance and Animal Crossing on the Switch, Apple’s WWDC announcements, and Grindstone still grinding.

25c TV Prime Plus Bonus: A Discussion of Where We Watch TV and Movies
Episode 16 • Published Jun 04, 2020

While recording the previous episode, we went on a long enough tangent discussion around Disney+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, and all the ways to watch TV and movies in 2020. So we broke it off into it’s own special bonus episode. Enjoy!

Minecraft Dungeons vs Minecraft
Episode 15 • Published May 29, 2020

We’re talking about Minecraft Dungeons, when should kids start Minecraft, Obduction, Winding Worlds, and Towers of Everland.

Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again?
Episode 14 • Published May 14, 2020

We’ve been playing Star Wars Pinball, Untitled Goose Game, Legend of the Skyfish 2, The Other Side, and Hearthstone. And so we talk about those games - and more!

SimLife, A Fold Apart, Skyfish 2, and Tokaido
Episode 13 • Published Apr 24, 2020

Nick tries a whole bunch of Arcade games, Chris has a confession to make.

Conducting Together Resisting Animal Crossing
Episode 12 • Published Apr 09, 2020

We’re taking a break from playing one specific game and just talking about the games we’re playing as we isolate in home with kids and family. And definitely not buying Animal Crossing.

Failure to Load While Working From Home
Episode 11 • Published Mar 26, 2020

Life is crazy right now but we still have video games. What have we been playing while we’re under quarantine and isolation?

Over the Alps, Treat Yo Self to a Switch
Episode 10 • Published Feb 26, 2020

We - well not all of the we - review Over the Alps, and Kids Corner officially gets a Switch added to it.

Our Experience as a Pilgrim in Pilgrims
Episode 9 • Published Feb 13, 2020

We review Pilgrims from Amanita Design, publisher of other popular games like Machinarium, & Samorost. Grindstone gets a gore update, Nick’s progress in Enchanted Worlds, and preview the game we’re playing next.

Episode 8 • Published Feb 06, 2020

We’re reviewing Grindstone - a game that Nick calls a near perfect mobile game.

The Enchanted World
Episode 7 • Published Jan 30, 2020

We review Enchanted World, talk about a Mac mini gaming TV, and preview next episode’s game.

Is It Doomsday (Vault) for the Podcast?
Episode 6 • Published Jan 17, 2020

Was it doomsday for Doomsday Vault? What are we playing next week? Do we mention Dear Reader… again?

What the Golf Switch?
Episode 5 • Published Jan 03, 2020

We return from a holiday break and catch up on What the Golf, a new Switch, city building games, and tracking kids screen time.

Nick and Chris are Ultimate Rivals on The Rink
Episode 4 • Published Dec 18, 2019

We’re reviewing Ultimate Rivals: The Rink, Apple announces annual subscription option, Dear Reader updates, and the game we’re playing over the holidays.

Lego Brawling Our Way Into the Lava
Episode 3 • Published Dec 17, 2019

We’re reviewing Lego Brawls, a Smash Bros style game set in the Lego universe, talk a bit about genres and styles for kids in Apple Arcade, and preview next episode’s game.

Inmost, Fortnite, and Screen Time
Episode 2 • Published Dec 16, 2019

We’re reviewing Inmost, talking family screen time restrictions, Fortnite, and what to do with weirdos playing with your kids.

Hello World - Who Are We? What Have We Played?
Episode 1 • Published Dec 15, 2019

Nicolas and Chris talk about the Apple Arcade games they’ve tried, what isn’t working, and what they’re playing next.