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Over the Alps, Treat Yo Self to a Switch
Episode 10 • Published Feb 26, 2020

We - well not all of the we - review Over the Alps, and Kids Corner officially gets a Switch added to it.

Our Experience as a Pilgrim in Pilgrims
Episode 9 • Published Feb 13, 2020

We review Pilgrims from Amanita Design, publisher of other popular games like Machinarium, & Samorost. Grindstone gets a gore update, Nick’s progress in Enchanted Worlds, and preview the game we’re playing next.

Episode 8 • Published Feb 06, 2020

We’re reviewing Grindstone - a game that Nick calls a near perfect mobile game.

The Enchanted World
Episode 7 • Published Jan 30, 2020

We review Enchanted World, talk about a Mac mini gaming TV, and preview next episode’s game.

Is It Doomsday (Vault) for the Podcast?
Episode 6 • Published Jan 17, 2020

Was it doomsday for Doomsday Vault? What are we playing next week? Do we mention Dear Reader… again?

What the Golf Switch?
Episode 5 • Published Jan 03, 2020

We return from a holiday break and catch up on What the Golf, a new Switch, city building games, and tracking kids screen time.

Nick and Chris are Ultimate Rivals on The Rink
Episode 4 • Published Dec 18, 2019

We’re reviewing Ultimate Rivals: The Rink, Apple announces annual subscription option, Dear Reader updates, and the game we’re playing over the holidays.

Lego Brawling Our Way Into the Lava
Episode 3 • Published Dec 17, 2019

We’re reviewing Lego Brawls, a Smash Bros style game set in the Lego universe, talk a bit about genres and styles for kids in Apple Arcade, and preview next episode’s game.

Inmost, Fortnite, and Screen Time
Episode 2 • Published Dec 16, 2019

We’re reviewing Inmost, talking family screen time restrictions, Fortnite, and what to do with weirdos playing with your kids.

Hello World - Who Are We? What Have We Played?
Episode 1 • Published Dec 15, 2019

Nicolas and Chris talk about the Apple Arcade games they’ve tried, what isn’t working, and what they’re playing next.