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Published Feb 17, 2017
Hosted by Aaron Goodwin, Andrew Savage, and Adam Anderson
Beaurocracy, taters, & nasty slices.

Published Apr 21, 2017
Hosted by Chris Enns and Matt McGee
Matt, Becky, and Chris take a few minutes to chat about the leaked photos and videos of what seems to be U2's Joshua Tree tour stage.

Published Apr 25, 2017
Hosted by Jan Moffett and Paul Moffett
In the seventh episode of Legion, everything is completely bonkers, and we get more answers. David meets his rational mind and draws some pictures on a chalkboard, Lenny is a silent movie star, and we say goodbye to Walter.

Published Apr 19, 2017
Hosted by Chris Enns
The one where a hot water bottle attacks me.

Published Mar 26, 2017
Hosted by Kari Halsted and Brook Shelley
Kari and Brook talk about Canada. Justin Trudeau is cute. Colonialist settlement was horrible, and so is the government's treatment of indigenous people. Pipelines, socialized medicine, parental leave, RCMP, blinking green lights, grams of salami.

Published Apr 19, 2017
Hosted by Kyle Roderick and Kenny Roderick
It's like getting to skip school to ride the train in a closet with only your high school friends to a rice ball shop covered in hot cheeto dust.

Published Apr 18, 2017
Hosted by Christopher Schmitt
The state of Angular, Apple's self-driving vehicles, parking spaces in space, American Dream is stuck in a rut, and The Last Jedi teaser trailer reaching over 20 million views.

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