Episode № 98 Matt Vanderpol — Online Craftsman

November 16th, 2016 · 24 minutes

Matt Vanderpol helps companies and agencies craft custom WordPress themes with an emphasis on content maintainability, performance, and responsive behavior.

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Links and Show Notes

Screenshot of Matt Vanderpol during Non Breaking Space Show

  • 1:40 → What was your first experience with the web?
  • 2:25 → What types of projects were you working on in 1997?
  • 3:40 → How long have you been using WordPress?
  • 4:05 → You designed your own home? How did that happen?
  • 5:35 → If someone were to try and design their own home, what would you recommend?
  • 6:45 → How did you decide on a floor plan?
  • 8:20 → How much snow do you get in California?
  • 9:02 → What are some things about the house that are unique?
  • 10:40 → During construction, were you working full time?
  • 11:20 → Working on a HTML Forms book?
  • 16:40 → Top tips for backpacking with kids?
  • 18:12 → What is Critical CSS and how does it connect to WordPress?
  • 22:40 → What’s a living style guide from CSS?
  • 23:50 → How can people find you on the internet?

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PEARL (programming language) - Wikipedia
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Building A Home For Our Family - Come watch the fun! Bring tools! We'll find a place for you to lend a hand.
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Better HTML Forms - Matt Vanderpol
Share the Adventure: A Primer for Backpacking with Primary School Age Kids eBook: Matt Vanderpol, Emma Vanderpol: Kindle Store
An Introduction to Critical CSS in WordPress - Matt Vanderpol
Filament Group, Inc. | User Interface Design & Development | Boston, MA | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
grunt.task - Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner
livingstyleguide/livingstyleguide: Easily create front-end style guides with Markdown and Sass/SCSS.
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