Episode № 97 ATX Web Series Film Q&A — Bridging the Gender Gap

October 12th, 2016 · 42 minutes

A special Non Breaking Space episode: Live Q&A session from the first ever ATX Web Film Series presentation. ATX Web Film Series aims to provide thought- and discussion-provoking films about the Web, Design, and Technology.

Guest Starring: Sam Kapila and Matt Griffin

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Links and Show Notes

Photo of ATX Web Series Film Q&A panelists

  • 4:29 → How has disenfranchisement based on gender affected students in coding classes?
  • 7:30 → Thoughts from Matt Griffin on Code.
  • 8:30 → At what point did it occur to you to be sensitive to other perspectives when making a documentary?
  • 10:01 → Overcoming culture fit and strategies for students.
  • 13:00 → Take a look under the conference room table and look at the shoes.
  • 16:00 → Women in leadership are crucial to moving diversity forward in technology.
  • 18:02 → Shine theory with women in meetings.
  • 20:50 → Jeans and hoodies are the defacto uniform of techies everywhere, unless you’re a woman.
  • 24:20 → Doing a blind test will improve hiring based on merit more than anything else.
  • 25:40 → Figuring out how to hire people you want to work with all day.
  • 27:00 → What got better about the work by not hiring people who are exactly the same?
  • 28:35 → How can we retain more women working in technology?
  • 29:50 → Constantly having to justify their existence at events.
  • 31:56 → Framing a class differently can help encourage women to be a part of the class
  • 34:20 → Girl scouts adding patches for coding and game development.
  • 36:55 → Where can someone help at a local level with girls wanting to get involved?
  • 39:30 → Boys being raised different than girls and what they’re told when they fail.

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