Episode № 90 Chris Coyier — Practical SVG

August 17th, 2016 · 57 minutes

In this episode, Christopher Schmitt is joined again by Chris Coyier. Publisher of the CSS Tricks community site, Coyier recently authored Practical SVG from A Book Apart.

Guest Starring: Chris Coyier

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Links and Show Notes

Screenshot of Chris Coyier during Non Breaking Space Show

  • 2:30 → Chris Coyier, how’s life?
  • 3:30 → Writing books for fun and profit
  • 6:30 → CSS-Tricks is celebrating 10 years on the web
  • 8:30 → Home movies vs Home Movie
  • 11:20 → What was Chris' process for writing Practical SVG with A Book Apart?
  • 14:30 → Marketing ideas for selling Chris' book.
  • 15:25 → Who is Practical SVG for?
  • 19:00 → Overlapping of image formats with SVG.
  • 26:50 → Browsers getting fixes and updates quicker than before and a lowsrc tag
  • 29:00 → How expensive certain webpages are on low data plan.
  • 30:59 → What’s HEADER and how does it help with performance?
  • 35:00 → MiFi vs Fiber
  • 36:01 → 80/20 rule vs 50/50 rule of performance
  • 37:20 → Animation with CSS or Java?
  • 46:30 → What’s next on the chopping block?
  • 47:37 → Flow based system of filters is exciting
  • 49:20 → Alex the CSS Husky
  • 52:00 → “Hey, everyone!” tech book intro
  • 53:10 → New features for CodePen
  • 55:20 → CSS Dev Conf 2016

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Non Breaking Space Show #81: Matt Griffin — What Comes Next is the Future - Goodstuff FM
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