Episode № 89 Wes Bos — ReactJS for Beginners

August 9th, 2016 · 29 minutes

In this episode, Christopher Schmitt speaks with Wes Bos. Wes is a site and web applications’ Designer, Developer, Speaker, and Teacher — probably most recognizable for his online courses such as Sublime Text Power User and React For Beginners.

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Links and Show Notes

Screenshot of Wes Bos during Non Breaking Space Show

  • 2:39 → Discussion of New Course and New JavaScript [ES6]
  • 3:28 → Difference between browsers utilizing E6 versus ESE3
  • 4:02 → Javascript allowing recreation of functionalities
  • 4:30 → Do packages or tooling need to be installed?
  • 5:15 → What do you need to get up and running?
  • 5:25 → ES6 convenient surprises and features
  • 6:22 → Are there videos describing how things work and explaining complexities?
  • 8:30 → How they are the courses built and what goes into them?
  • 9:30 → How are you aware of information that needs to known regarding Java Script?
  • 10:48 → Free Courses
  • 12:20 → How did Wes Bos get involved with the web?
  • 13:30 → MySpace as a gateway drug to CSS training.
  • 14:20 → We’re both big deals on Myspace, FYI.
  • 15:00 → Wes got a domain name for his birthday.
  • 15:55 → Being involved in the behind the scenes work for bands.
  • 17:20 → Shoutouts to the bands Wes do design work for.
  • 18:25 → Wes' free courses
  • 19:42 → Command line frustrations lead to a course
  • 22:30 → Everyone can dance around it, but eventually you’ll have to get into the command line.
  • 22:45 → What software Wes uses to build his courses
  • 24:10 → What’s Wes' next course?
  • 24:48 → Using Slack for people who buy a course
  • 25:50 → Worries about bad eggs in your community?

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What The FlexBox?! - A free 20 video course to learn CSS Flexbox
Mastering Markdown - A free mini course by Wes Bos
Learn Redux Video Tutorial Course
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Command Line Power User
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