Episode № 87 Dr. Christine Corbett — Astrophysics in Antartica

July 26th, 2016 · 38 minutes

In this episode, Christopher Schmitt talks with Dr. Christine Corbett. Dr. Corbett works on the South Pole Telescope on-site at the South Pole in Antarctica for January-November 2016 with the University of Chicago.

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Links and Show Notes

Screenshot of Dr. Christine Corbett during Non Breaking Space Show

  • 2:35 → Who are you and where are you?
  • 3:58 → What brought you to Antarctica?
  • 5:08 → What is the experiment Dr. Corbett is working on?
  • 6:33 → What does the sound of the Big Bang look like?
  • 10:11 → How long is your experiment going on?
  • 11:13 → How do you get materials and supplies in to Antarctica?
  • 15:31 → What’s Dr. Corbett’s typical day working on Antarctica?
  • 17:26 → What problems does the satellite have?
  • 22:39 → How many people work at the station?
  • 23:25 → Do people come back repeatedly?
  • 24:40 → What are some of the unique customs at Antarctica?
  • 27:38 → Unique ways birthdays are celebrated at Antarctica.
  • 28:55 → Getting outside for the fun of it or for work?
  • 31:18 → How fun is Pokemon Go in Antarctica?
  • 32:38 → Does Dr. Corbett’s experiment end when she leaves or does someone else take it up on the next shift?
  • 35:00 → Is this experience something Dr. Corbett going to return to in the future?

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