Episode № 86 Dave Olsen — Pattern Lab 2

July 18th, 2016 · 36 minutes

In this show, Christopher Schmitt talks with Dave Olsen, programmer/ project manager with West Virginia University, about the recent release of Pattern Lab 2. Pattern Lab helps teams build thoughtful, pattern-driven UIs using atomic design principles.

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Links and Show Notes

Screenshot of Dave Olsen during Non Breaking Space Show

  • 4:12 How is it working at a University?
  • 7:10 What is Pattern Lab?
  • 8:15 What’s the theory behind Pattern Lab?
  • 9:40 How simple should an atom be?
  • 11:30 How to use the demo to get started with Pattern Lab.
  • 13:30 Do you have to bring your own ideas to make use of Pattern Lab?
  • 14:45 What challenges and things did you look at moving from version 1 to version 2 of Pattern Lab?
  • 18:29 What is an event dispatcher?
  • 19:35 Any secrets or things about Pattern Lab 2?
  • 22:00 Using data inside Pattern Lab 2.
  • 24:10 Integrating Pattern Lab into your workflow.
  • 25:45 What would Dave like to see with Pattern Lab in the future?
  • 27:20 Developing a community around Pattern Lab.
  • 31:30 What is Dave Olsen passionate about on the web these days?
  • 34:10 How does Dave Olsen keep up on technology and new stuff?

Christopher Schmitt's Site
Christopher Schmitt on Twitter | @teleject
dmolsen.com - Home of Dave Olsen
pattern-lab/patternlab-php: The PHP version of Pattern Lab
Dave Olsen (@dmolsen) | Twitter
Pattern Lab (@patternlabio) | Twitter
Higher Education Web Professionals | To advance Web professionals, technologies and standards in higher education
Pattern Lab | Build Atomic Design Systems
Pattern Lab Demo
pattern-lab/patternlab-node: The Node version of Pattern Lab
pattern-lab/edition-node-gulp: The gulp wrapper around patternlab-node core, providing tasks to interact with the core library and move supporting frontend assets.
pattern-lab/edition-node-grunt: The grunt wrapper around patternlab-node core, providing tasks to interact with the core library and move supporting frontend assets.
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