Episode № 67 Simon St. Laurent - Building the Greatest Everlasting Sandcastle

February 16th, 2016 · 62 minutes

Simon St. Laurent is back to talk about #Snowpocalypse, camera drones in NYC, the legacy of our work, and owning your own stuff —except for those conversations we have on Facebook. We take a look at what we saw this past month in the web space (and more) and what we think is happening on the horizon as we slip further into 2016.

Guest Starring: Simon St. Laurent

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Links and Show Notes

  • 3:00 Getting back home dealing with Snowpackalyse
  • 3:30 Simon’s take on O’Reilly’s first Design Conference
  • 5:40 Craiglist for Information Design
  • 8:40 Snowboarding in New York City Video
  • 11:00 No empathy for New York City & DC’s snow freak out
  • 14:26 Modern man’s weather forecast is better than caveman’s weather forecast
  • 15:59 SVG Summit 2016 review
  • 22:11 Simon’s working on a wood working book for beginners
  • 23:38 Simon’s feeling weird about working on Web-like technologies
  • 26:04 Flashback to talking with Zeldman about Bowie
  • 29:29 Our web work are the greatest everlasting sandcastles
  • 31:05 What will your site look like 5, 10 years after he dies?
  • 34:20 The 78 Project documentary is available online
  • 37:38 My original inspiration for getting into Web design
  • 42:52 Builders who create new sites vs. builders who maintain a site
  • 44:00 Web safe round mousepad
  • 46:50 Everyone has their own printing press now, but not eye balls
  • 54:26 Why do we post on Facebook, a closed platform?
  • 59:22 “I don’t like to say that Facebook gives me hope.“

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