Episode № 66 SVG Summit 2016 - Building with SVG Q+A Round Table

February 9th, 2016 · 58 minutes

The Round Table from the SVG Summit has hosted by CSS Tricks’ Chris Coyier. It’s both a recap of the SVG Summit talks that happened before it and a Q+A panel with some special guests from the SVG community.

Guest Starring: Chris Coyier

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Links and Show Notes

  • 4:00 Chris' first slide.
  • 5:20 CSS Cat
  • 6:30 SVG Filters
  • 7:30 SVG Text
  • 10:50 Text lockup inspired by Letterpressing
  • 12:20 Animating the viewbox in SVG
  • 20:50 Sara Drasner’s talk
  • 23:00 Greensocks plugin and easing
  • 23:53 Sketch and icons
  • 25:50 SVG and Cloning
  • 27:49 Clipping paths and masks
  • 30:20 Moving things on a path
  • 33:30 Charting in SVG
  • 34:30 Bat-poop crazy with charts
  • 36:00 Making a game with SVG
  • 37:04 Using the object tag
  • 40:30 Web animation API
  • 45:00 Using SVG at your work
  • 50:00 SVG equivalent to CSS Zen Garden
  • 52:50 Battery draw of SVG

Christopher Schmitt (@teleject) | Twitter
SVG Summit 2016
Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) } Twitter
Chris Coyier's Wrapup Slides for SVG Summit
A Wee Talk about Shape Morphing
Web Animations API
Curated Collection of SVG CodePens by Chris Coyier
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