Episode № 64 Jeffrey Zeldman - Web Design History

January 26th, 2016 · 50 minutes

Web designer and author, Jeffrey Zeldman, publishes A List Apart Magazine, A Book Apart, co-produces An Event Apart, and hosts the Big Web Show. He writes at his blog, Zeldman.com.

Guest Starring: Jeffrey Zeldman

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Links and Show Notes

  • 9:29 What is Zeldman’s hobby?
  • 15:05 Zeldman is starting a new web studio to test a theory
  • 19:00 Recommends not to web search the phrase “suck.com”
  • 19:43 “Gotta be careful with names, man.”
  • 21:54 History of A List Apart
  • 24:59 More about Zeldman’s new studio
  • 29:42 Talking about School of Visual Arts MFA class and design students
  • 31:27 Nashville and Hatch Show Print
  • 39:27 What happens to our work and its relevance after us?
  • 40:59 “We’re not writing web books, we’re writing history books.”
  • 45:50 “Copywriting for the web was a big deal when we started.”
  • 46:52 Favorite David Bowie songs, albums

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