Episode № 106 Dudley Storey — Using SVG

February 14th, 2017 · 74 minutes

Dudley Storey is a Smashing Magazine contributing editor, teacher, and speaker, his new book Using SVG with CSS3 and HTML5 is scheduled to be released later this Spring.

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Links and Show Notes

Screenshot of Dudley Storey during Non Breaking Space Show

Jump to a Part in the Conversation
  • 10:15 The program that Dudley currently teaches about media
  • 12:25 Learning about CD-ROMs in college.
  • 13:45 HTML tables vs CSS layout in the old days
  • 14:25 Dudley’s beef with hacker schools and code schools
  • 16:15 It’s like you’re looking through the wrong end of the telescope
  • 17:25 Certification course of semantic HTML for engineers
  • 19:13 Dudley is still working for Smashing Magazine and is now also a technical editor.
  • 21:05 What’s it like to be an editor for Smashing magazine?
  • 22:20 Put whatever you want on your blog.
  • 23:13 Blogging versus magazine submission versus tweeting; when to use each
  • 26:05 Photos are on Flicker, but Flicker is becoming outdated. What to do next with photos?
  • 26:05 Dudley built thenewcode.com as an accurate, consistent database on CSS Scripts and functions that is not out there yet.
  • 29:00 Eventually Facebook will go away. People will lose a big portion of their lives when it goes away
  • 31:40 When content is no longer accurate, Dudley goes back his website to update the data and an example of it
  • 32:52 Technology going through growing pains.
  • 35:00 Twitter for example has a lot of big community problems because sites simply want a lot of users then react to the problems after
  • 37:09 Twitter has a social engineering problem.
  • 38:12 A little bit about the book Using SVG with CSS3 and HTML5
  • 40:00 Description of SVG2 and how it relates to SVG
  • 40:40 Strokes in SVG and SVG2
  • 41:40 SVG is not an image format, but a document format
  • 43:05 Plugins for everything.
  • 43:55 How is book writing for the web and what is the process of it
  • 46:20 The lightbulb moment when someone gets it.
  • 47:11 The joys of helping people who understand things because of your book or teaching
  • 48:31 Which portions Dudley is writing in the book, including SVG tools, CSS and SVG properties, SVG and interactive activities
  • 49:50 SVG Export issues and challenges.
  • 53:10 Discussion on the IE issue with width and height
  • 54:10 A lot of the SVG presentation attributes are moved to CSS properties
  • 56:21 Are standards current in modern browsers?
  • 57:19 SVG animations and Green Sock animation library as well as native animation
  • 58:30 What type of simple CSS animations could you do before you grab Green Sock?
  • 59:40 SVG and data visualization
  • 1:01:50 Preview of the book available right now
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