Episode № 103 Brad Frost — Atomic Design

January 25th, 2017 · 50 minutes

Brad Frost is the web designer who created the mental model of Atomic Design. He’s a sought-after designer, speaker, and consultant about responsive design.

His new book Atomic Design explains the concept of modular design as well as how to position it in a workflow for multi-device web developers.

Guest Starring: Brad Frost

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Links and Show Notes

Screenshot of Brad Frost during Non Breaking Space Show

Discussion Jump Points
  • 3:10 Introduction
  • 3:40 Brad describing Atomic Design
  • 5:01 5 Distinct stages of UI
  • 8:02 Organisms and hierarchy of a webpage
  • 10:40 Introduction of pattern lab
  • 12:30 Pattern lab is really plain, you have to bring your own vision, it’s a workspace
  • 16:16 UI Auditing, consistency and patterns of website forms
  • 18:02 How to introduce people to change and convince them that change is good
  • 21:04 Communication with boss, don’t ask permission because boss only cares about end result
  • 23:30 We’re already doing things like Pattern Lab - we just need to be more aware of it.
  • 24:35 Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness after.
  • 27:01 Don’t need to go vertical for approval, talk with your colleagues
  • 29:01 29:30 Example of how responsive experience works
  • 30:03 Approval by way of conversion instead of convincing
  • 31:30 Working without boss approval to make a bank site responsive
  • 33:01 Page concept is out of date and from process standpoint doesn’t serve it’s use
  • 34:20 Keep language the same, call it a webpage, but make website an ecosystem not a printed page
  • 37:05 Keeping things above the fold
  • 38:03 Using open source for writing the book and book deployment
  • 41:45 Contributions to the book from others
  • 45:19 How to find the book
  • 48:15 Ending the interview with thanks

Christopher Schmitt
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Brad Frost
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LAMP Stack
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