Episode № 102 CSS Dev Conf 2016 Wrap Up Panel — Open Source, Designers vs. Devs, Hiring, Job Seeking, and More

December 15th, 2016 · 52 minutes

For our 2016 wrap-up episode, we’re presenting an exclusive recording of the traditional CSS Dev Conf 2016 Wrap Up Panel. As hour filled with lots of great questions from the audience for the incredible array of speakers.

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Links and Show Notes

Photo from CSS Dev Conf 2016 Wrap Up Panel the  during Non Breaking Space Show

Discussion Points
  • 2:24 → What do you think of open source and should larger corporations get involved with it?
  • 5:45 → How can designers and developers speak the same language?
  • 14:15 → With all the change in processes these days, what processes do you find works the best?
  • 24:01 → How do we write better job descriptions and hire better people?
  • 32:20 → How do you make environments more welcoming to groups that are under-represented?
  • 43:55 → What resources do you give beginners when they’re starting out?

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