Episode № 101 Lauren Golembiewski — Creating Conversational Smart Bots

December 7th, 2016 · 54 minutes

Product Design Director Lauren Golembiewski is co-founder of Voxable which builds conversational bots and voice interfaces.

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Links and Show Notes

Screenshot of Lauren Golembiewski during Non Breaking Space Show

Discussion Points
  • 2:50 → How’d you get into the web?
  • 4:05 → We were still doing Flash back then.
  • 6:55 → Tech companies bringing a lot of tech talent to Austin, Texas.
  • 10:45 → When was the last project you worked on?
  • 12:30 → Print projects as final and scary.
  • 13:55 → Economic downturn forced a change towards the web.
  • 15:07 → Updating your profiles and websites when life changes.
  • 15:40 → Have you been back to Pittsburgh’s tech scene?
  • 20:44 → Pittsburgh Pirates as a baseball team.
  • 21:20 → Job titles and the differences between them.
  • 23:00 → Bot that carries on conversations with people you don’t want to talk to again.
  • 28:00 → Building a bot that can analyze conversations for mansplaining and harassing.
  • 31:12 → How long do you keep someone hanging on to a conversation with a bot?
  • 35:05 → What’s the feedback on Ghostbot?
  • 37:20 → Bots as your personal agent.
  • 40:01 → Any other bots that came out of the conference worth mentioning?
  • 45:35 → Websites are getting stale.
  • 47:01 → Bots as marketing vehicle.
  • 51:30 → Austin as the bot capital of the USA.

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