Episode № 100 Simon St. Laurent and Chris Enns — Top (2n-1) News Stories

December 2nd, 2016 · 74 minutes

Vine is shutting down, who should buy Twitter, the story of Christopher dancing as Chewbacca, the cons of a MacBook Pro, CSS Devconf recap, Stranger Things and binging on Netflix, and walking away from The Walking Dead.

Guest Starring: Simon St. Laurent and Chris Enns

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Links and Show Notes

Screenshot of Chris Enns during Non Breaking Space Show

Discussion Points
  • 3:30 → No heavy metal muzak but we’ve changed the world for the better.
  • 6:04 → Vine is discontinuing the mobile app.
  • 12:30 → How Christopher Schmitt came to be wearing a Chewbacca outfit.
  • 14:20 → Apple’s new MacBook Pros and cons.
  • 26:30 → Microsoft’s new Surface.
  • 35:30 → CSS Dev Conf superpowers.
  • 44:30 → The list of activities done in San Antonio for a tech conference.
  • 45:20 → CSS on resumes?
  • 47:15 → Learning to give up being a generalist and focusing in on a set of skills.
  • 51:25 → #America and keeping the web open?
  • 52:20 → Ever-growing Javascript stack that’s getting out of control.
  • 55:50 → Stranger Things mashups
  • 1:03:42 → Walking Dead too dead and violent?
  • 1:10:11 → Pirate TV to watch TV on your old TV

Christopher Schmitt
Christopher Schmitt (@teleject) | Twitter
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