Episode № 6 20,000 People Laughing

October 17th, 2014 · 60 minutes

Kari sits down with Todd Peters to talk about about his creative alternative adult life: SAHDing, not having a grand life-plan, being a self-taught professional musician, and balance in adult relationships. There’s a lot of laughing, which is normal for a conversation with Todd.

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Links and Show Notes

Massey & the Fergusons on CBC Music
Massey and the Fergusons - the Star-Phoenix

Article about M&TF in the Saskatoon paper, including a photo. Todd is second from the left.

sandigphoto on Instagram

Kari's sister's Instagram

Show Me Your Mic - Goodstuff FM

Podcast nerds talking ad nauseam about podcast things. In a good way.

Codie Prevost

Official website

Samara Yung | Canadian Country Singer
The Barrelmen on CBC Music
The Broad Experience

This week's acknowledgement: Ashley Milne-Tyte, who runs a good podcast about women, the workplace, and success, and has been an inspiration to me as a podcaster.