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Published Feb 17, 2017
Hosted by Aaron Goodwin, Andrew Savage, and Adam Anderson
Beaurocracy, taters, & nasty slices.

Published Mar 22, 2017
Hosted by Chris Enns and Matt McGee
Tassoula, Sherry, and Chris chat about U2's Red Hill Mining Town's re-release in 2017 for Record Store Day.

Published Mar 21, 2017
Hosted by Jan Moffett and Paul Moffett
In the second episode of Legion David does some memory work. He knows where he's going, but he doesn't know where he's been.

Published Mar 22, 2017
Hosted by Chris Enns
Yesterday I did something I've never done before and it's not what you think. Unless you're thinking I went to a movie by myself. In which case then yes, it's exactly what you think.

Published Feb 09, 2017
Hosted by Kari Halsted and Brook Shelley
Brook and Kari discuss crying, particularly at work, and what it means, why we do it, and what to do if you see someone doing it.

Published Mar 15, 2017
Hosted by Kyle Roderick and Kenny Roderick
Welcome to The Goodstuff Morning Show: It's like waking up with dry-mouth after eating an orange chicken burrito with an infant ninja turtle whose shell glows like the top of a police car that parks itself when you wave at it.

Published Mar 24, 2017
Hosted by Christopher Schmitt
Lainey Feingold is the author of *Structured Negotiation* published by the American Bar Association that explores an alternative dispute resolution process she's used throughout most have work as a disability rights lawyer. Through structured negotiatio...

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